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Funes& Co, LLC presents The Blanca Professional Services Podcast. I am hoping to provide value to your life by sharing ideas on financial services and investing strategies in real estate investing and other topics that might help you build your own financial legacy. My goal is to expose you to new business ideas that can transform your life, and bring financial independence as well. Please note: Any suggestions/comments in this podcast is/are informative and should not be considered Legal Advise. I always recommend that you check/verify with your own financial planner, financial advisor, tax preparer and/or any other expert in the field/investing area you want to participate in. This podcast is intended to build our community up and to bring resources to you - our Public. Thanks again for your support, and referrals. I love to hear from you and any ideas you want us to incorporate into the program. Bienvenidos a este canal de Podcast, la empresa Funes & Co funcionando como Blanca Professional Services desea traer recursos para que usted y su familia puedan aprender acerca de diferentes recursos financieros y de bienes raices que le pueden ayudar a construir un legado para su familia, y su libertad financiera. Cualquier sugerencia en este podcast no es una recomendacion Legal or Consejo Legal - Usted debe siempre consultar su experto legal, fianciero u otros expertos en el area que desea invertir. Gracias por su participacion y esperamos sus comentarios y sugerencias para hacer este programa mejor.

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Wednesday Jun 28, 2023

Let's work together to get you approve for a home loan.  Today, Leo Jordan, our guest speaker and mortgage lender from Housing America Financial will be covering a program that offers first time home buyers up to $25,000 dollars that can be applied towards lender closing costs, down rate purchase, and FHA MIP costs, etc.  
Contact me at 800-637-5833 or Leo at 818-389-6666
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EXP Realty of CA, Agent BRE: 01740 
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Tuesday May 30, 2023

If you are a home owner that has this type of problem in which the debt collectors or don't know who is the second mortgage lender, please give me a call at 800-637-5833 or visit us online at  send me a message via email at 
We will find a way to try to help you either to contact the lender, refer you out to one of our preferred mortgage lenders to help you refinance the home if possible and/or I can list your home for sale, if you need to sale it. 
Leave us a comment on google reviews.  Thank you and have a fantastic day! 

Tuesday May 16, 2023

Este tema es para ayudarnos a pensar acerca del uso que le damos a las tarjetas de credito.  Son buenas o malas? como usarlas efectivamente? 
1. Uselas correctamente
2. Pague a tiempo
3. No se endeude demasiado
4. Si tiene problemas para pagarlas - llame a su compania de credito para pedir un plan de pago o algun tipo de programa para poder pagarlas
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Thursday Apr 27, 2023

In this program, I am sharing some tips about what you can do if you are behind your mortgage payments.  Please reach out to your mortgage company and ask them what type of programs can they qualified you to help you get on track with your home payments. They might offer you a Forbearance plan or some other government program.  I want you to ASK them if you need the HELP.  

Down Payment Assistant Program

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

Are you a buyer who is sitting on savings from a 401k, 403b plan, or IRA plan? Maybe, you have money sitting around that can help you buy your first time home.  Stay tuned today as I share with you different ways to fund your down payment either by using your own savings money or by applying for down payment assistance programs that are provided by the federal government, local government and/or nonprofit agencies.  
I am a solo entrepreneur as many of you already know that is on the mission of helping families buy their homes and/or become debt free by using different financial vehicles including real estate. 
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Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

Derreck Long, CISP is a Senior IRA Specialist.  He was our guest speaker on this podcast recently.  Derreck shared with us things that you shouldn't do or avoid at all cost when you are self-directing your IRA.  Derreck represents 2Q Quest Trust Company, please reached out to him at 281-492-3434 ext. 3620 if you have any questions or need help with self-directed IRA's.  
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Wednesday Feb 22, 2023

Leo Jordan is a Mortgage Specialist from Housing America.  He spoke to us about 3 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare and Get Ready if You are Planning on Purchasing a Home.  
Disclaimer: All our podcasts/webinars are for educational purposes.  Please consult your lawyer, financial advisor, CPA or team of advisors to guide you in your investment choices. 

Saturday Feb 11, 2023

David Gomez is the Senior Account Executive at Pacific Coast Title Company.  He spoke to us about how putting your house in a trust might be a good idea for you to avoid probate if you passed away without a will, testament or a trust.  As always, all our podcasts/webinars are for educational purposes. Please consult your legal advisors, financial advisor, trust attorneys, CPA and all your trustee advisors. 
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Saturday Feb 11, 2023

Do you want to learn about how you can maximize your IRA savings to work for you? Do you want to become a real estate investor using your own money? can you do this legally? Our guest speaker Paul D. Thompson spoke about how the more affluent people use money to their advantage, and how you can too? 
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